Symona Boniface (1894 - 1950)

Symona Boniface, Actress: Girls' Dormitory. An American actress most frequently seen in bit parts in comedy shorts, mostly at Columbia Pictures, particularly those of The Three Stooges, Symona Boniface entered the theatre as a playwright and actress, and produced plays as well. After the stock market crash of 1929 she began taking bit parts in films, many of them merely dress-extra jobs. ...

New York City, New York, USA
(56 let) Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
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Symona Boniface oblíbené filmy

89 Dáma z lože č. 13
Dáma z lože č. 13
82 Gilda
75 Hrabě Monte Cristo
Hrabě Monte Cristo
72 Muž z Colorada
Muž z Colorada
81 Ninočka
78 Nejprve stvořil ženu
Nejprve stvořil ženu

1960Stop! Look! and Laugh!a.z.

1956Pardon My Nightshirta.z.

1956Scheming Schemersfilm

1955Bedlam in Paradisea.z.

1951Appointment with Dangerfilm

1951Pest Man Winsa.z.

1950Between Midnight and Dawnfilm

1950Beware of Blondiefilm

1950Pirates of the High Seasfilm

1950Rogues of Sherwood Forestfilm

1950Two Roaming Champsfilm

1949Jerks of All TradesTV film

1949Slightly Frenchfilm

1949Vagabond Loafersfilm

1949Waiting in the Lurchfilm

1948Billie Gets Her Manfilm

1948Flat Featfilm

1948Go Chase Yourselffilm

1948Heavenly Dazefilm

1948Johanka z Arcufilm

1948Muž z Coloradafilm

1948Pinch in Time, Afilm

1948Sheepish Wolf, Thefilm

1948The Return of Octoberfilm

1948Two Nuts in a Rutfilm

1948Untamed Breed, Thefilm

1947All Gummed Upfilm

1947Anděl a banditafilm

1947Half-Wits Holidayfilm

1947Hectic Honeymoonfilm

1947Meet Mr. Mischieffilm

1947The Good Bad Eggfilm

1947Wedding Bellefilm

1947Zrozen k zabíjenífilm

1946Andy Plays Hookeyfilm

1946Earl Carroll Sketchbookfilm

1946G.I. Wanna Homefilm

1946Gallant Journeyfilm

1946Get Along Little Zombiefilm


1946Hiss and Yellfilm

1946Moron Than Offfilm

1946Slappily Marriedfilm

1946Talk About a Ladyfilm

1946The Beast with Five Fingersfilm

1946The Jolson Storyfilm

1946The Mysterious Mr. Valentinefilm

1946The Notorious Lone Wolffilm

1946Two Sisters from Bostonfilm

1945Girls of the Big Housefilm

1945Her Highness and the Bellboyfilm

1945High Blood Pleasurefilm


1944Crash Goes the Hashfilm

1944Lost in a Haremfilm

1944Mrs. Parkingtonfilm

1944Oh, Baby!film

1944Strife of the Partyfilm


1943Clancy Street Boysfilm

1943Murder in Times Squarefilm

1943One Dangerous Nightfilm

1943Spook Louderfilm

1943The Fallen Sparrowfilm

1943You Dear Boyfilm

1942Born to Singfilm

1942Groom and Boredfilm

1942Loco Boy Makes Goodfilm

1942Nejprve stvořil ženufilm

1942Unexpected Richesfilm

1941Ache in Every Stake, Anfilm

1941All the World's a Stoogefilm

1941Blitz Kiss, Thefilm

1941Half Shot at Sunrisefilm

1941In the Sweet Pie and Piefilm

1941Some More of Samoafilm

1940Pardon My Berth Marksfilm

1940Souls in Pawnfilm


1939On Your Toesfilm

1938Ankles Awayfilm

1938In Early Arizonafilm

1938Tassels in the Airfilm

1938Termites of 1938film

1938Women Are Like Thatfilm


1936Girls' Dormitoryfilm


1936Oh, Duchess!film

1936Slippery Silksfilm

1936That Girl from Parisfilm

1936The Golden Arrowfilm

1935Pardon My Scotchfilm


1934Among the Missingfilm

1934British Agentfilm

1934Dostihy smrtifilm

1934Easy to Lovefilm

1934Hrabě Monte Cristofilm

1934Murder in the Museumfilm

1934One Night of Lovefilm

1934Washee Ironeefilm

1934Černá kočkafilm

1933Beauty for Salefilm

1933Christopher Beanfilm

1933Girl Without a Roomfilm

1933Reunion in Viennafilm


1933Tarzan the Fearlessfilm

1933The House on 56th Streetfilm

1933The Mind Readerfilm

1932Arsène Lupinfilm

1932Back Streetfilm


1932It's Tough to Be Famousfilm

1932Pack Up Your Troublesfilm

1932Strictly Unreliablefilm

1932The Man Who Played Godfilm

1931Dragnet Patrolfilm

1931The Public Defenderfilm

1931What a Bozo!film

1930Vida nocturna, Lafilm

1929Leaping Lovefilm

1929Madame Qfilm

1929Medicine Men, Thefilm

1929Movie Nightfilm

1929Sunnyside Upfilm

1929The Fatal Warningfilm

1929The Hoose-Gowfilm

1929The Vagabond Loverfilm

1928Barnum & Ringling,

1928Dáma z lože č. 13film

1928Feed 'em and Weepfilm

1928Forgotten Facesfilm

1928Show Girlfilm

1928Slečna Peggy v pokušenífilm

1927Baby Brotherfilm

1927With Love and Hissesfilm

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